CLASSIC LASHES enhance the length, width and curl of your natural lashes using the classic application of one extension to one natural lash.


Why we love the ClassicIt's a great lash look for newbies, it focuses on length over volume (which is great if you already have a lot of natural lashes), and it's...well... a classic.  :)

2D LASHES and VOLUME LASHES employ a new technique that allows the stylist to apply multiple lash extensions to each natural lash.  2D is, as you might assume, two extensions to each natural lash.  Volume lashes apply multiple extensions (3-5 on average) to each natural lash. 

Why we love 2D: It's a fabulous middle option that adds a little more volume while remaining conservative, the hold is slightly stronger than the classic, and it creates a delicately, lush lash line.


Why we love VolumeIt is our longest lasting hold, it creates our most voluminous lash lines, and it is our most popular lash service.

With all of our lash applications, our top priority in the design of your lashes is the health of your natural lashes so that you can enjoy your extensions at any age and for as long as you want.


Returning Client Special


Classic Full Set $140

2D Full Set $160

Volume Full Set $190

New Client Special


Classic Full Set $175

2D Full Set $200

Volume Full Set $235

Fills remain at the regular prices below





Full Set








*Returning Full Sets receive a $50 discount.  Ask for details. Current returning client special outlined above suspends this offer.



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